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Summary of Who's Who of Independent Children's Book Publishers

Alexie Books

Year Established:  2001
Website:  www.alexiebooks.com
Email Address to Contact:  sales@alexiebooks.com
Type of Books: Children's and Adult Fiction, Self-Help
Information about Alexie Books: Alexie Books, a Division of Alexie Enterprises, is a book publishing/distribution firm founded by children's book author J. A. Louthain. We specialize in children's and adult fiction that entertains, educates and inspires. We're also adding more books in the Self-Help genre such Starting Your First Business and Gentle Eating.

Many of our children's books, such as Tagger: Alone Along the Mystic River and Ame the Elephant: Terrorized by Evil Mice, are popular with schools and...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Ananse Press

Year Established:  1980
Type of Books: Nonfiction history and culture; children's history
Information about Ananse Press: ...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Art Works Ink.

Year Established:  1996
Website:  www.kidsafetyzone.com
Email Address to Contact:  jim@kidsafetyzone.com
Type of Books: Children's Coloring, Drawing & Activities Books
Information about Art Works Ink.: Jim Weicherding is an award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and author with more than a decade of accomplishments in regards to child safety and injury prevention education and awareness.

Jim's creative child safety cartoon characters are featured in thousands of coloring books every year that are distributed into grade schools by police, fire and rescue workers promoting safety throughout their communities, towns and cities.

Jim has received numerous honors and...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Birds Hill Publishing

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.thebullybook.com
Type of Books: Children's
Information about Birds Hill Publishing: Small publishing company in Canada. The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story is in use in schools throughout Canada and the U.S.

Christmas Stars, an electronically published book, was voted one of the best e-books in 2002 and was short-listed for an Eppie Award in...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Cedar Valley Publishing

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.cedarvalleypublishing.com
Email Address to Contact:  Stacey@cedarvalleypublishing.com
Type of Books: Children books
Information about Cedar Valley Publishing: We are two at home Mom's who were inspired by Oprah to write our first book, "Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten!" It is the 2005 winner of the Adding Wisdom Award from Parent-to-Parent and a 2004 Silver Addy for illustrations from the American Advertising Awards. One durable book that provides kids with the information they will be tested on in Kindergarten, from the alphabet out of sequence, to counting to 100, to coins, everything in one readable and adorable book! It has been sent home for...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

DRT Press

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.drtpress.com
Email Address to Contact:  editorial@drtpress.com
Type of Books: Books about adoption and families
Information about DRT Press: DRT Press was founded in 2004 by the publisher, Adrienne Ehlert Bashista, after she adopted a child from Russia. To prepare her older son for the adoption she looked for picture books on adopting a child from Eastern Europe, and although there were many books on adoption in general, adoption from China, and adoption from South America as well as a host of other countries, there were none about children adopted from Russia or other Eastern European countries. DRT Press was founded out of the...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Grandy Publications

Year Established:  2002
Website:  www.youvegotmanners.com
Email Address to Contact:  MannersA2Z@aol.com
Type of Books: Manners books for children
Information about Grandy Publications: Grandy Publications was established following a 1,000 mile family roadtrip in a minivan through Canada. A car activity to entertain 3 generations resulted in brainstorming about the importance of manners in today's world.

My 5 grandchildren became my official Advisory Board, and from there these books were written, illustrated, and published. We now teach classes, hold events, and ask for all kids to be a part of our 'Polite Team of the World'.

To add to reading...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Hickory Tales Publishing LLC

Year Established:  2000
Website:  www.hickorytales.com
Email Address to Contact:  jadonel@aol.com
Type of Books: YA & adult fiction & biography, children's fiction and picture books
Information about Hickory Tales Publishing LLC: Hickory Tales Publishing LLC, was born in 2000 when Andrew Jackson Donelson, gr-gr-great nephew of General Jackson, retired from Ob-Gyn practice, and determined to leave a wealth of uplifting human stories for generations to come. Our slogan: “History – adventure – fiction – biography – stimulating to the human soul – for all ages.” Our books are sold to individuals on line and on our website www.hickorytales.com and are sold to bookstores, libraries and school libraries by wholesalers Baker...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

HIdden Pictures Publishing

Year Established:  1999
Website:  www.hiddenpicturepuzzles.com
Email Address to Contact:  hiddenpictures@aol.com
Type of Books: hidden picture puzzles, picture books
Information about HIdden Pictures Publishing: Hidden Pictures Publishing was established in 1999 to provide books for fans of Liz Ball's Hidden Treasures hidden picture puzzles that appear in newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. With the sixth title published this year, Hidden Pictures is now expanding into the picture book market with the debut of Donna Shepherd's Topsy...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Horse Creek Publications

Year Established:  2002
Website:  www.horsecreekpublications.com
Email Address to Contact:  sue.schrems@horsecreekpublications.com
Type of Books: Historical Fiction and non-fiction about the American West
Information about Horse Creek Publications: Since 2002, Horse Creek Publications has released four non-fiction books about the American West. In the fall, 2005 we will release the first of three historical fictions for young...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Hummingbird Mountain Press

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.hummingbirdmountain.com
Email Address to Contact:  hummingbirdmountain@sti.net
Type of Books: children's, nature, animal
Information about Hummingbird Mountain Press: We always say that our first picture book was a gift from an owl.

When Linda Gast showed me her appealing photos of a tiny saw -whet owl with it's expressive eyes and confident demeanor, I knew these images needed to be shared with the world

"This is a children's book," I told her, and began to prove it by penning a few lines to fit with the photos. I know that most children's books start with the idea...., possibly some research.... then a story. The illustrations...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Imaginator Press

Year Established:  2003
Website:  www.ImaginatorPress.com
Email Address to Contact:  info@ImaginatorPress.com
Type of Books: Juvenile, Young Adult
Information about Imaginator Press: Our first children's title is The Remin Chronicles, Book 1: The Dark Dreamweaver, by Nick Ruth, a fantasy for children ages 8 - 12. The Dark Dreamweaver is a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin awards, and was a Book Sense Children's Pick for Autumn, 2004.

We will be publishing the second book in The Remin Chronicles, The Breezes of Inspire, in September,...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Joy Stories

Year Established:  2002
Website:  www.joystories.com
Email Address to Contact:  info@joystories.com
Type of Books: Children's Audio Stories
Information about Joy Stories: Joy Stories is a series of original stories with soothing background music designed for raising self-esteem and creating a peaceful night’s sleep. Each of the stories allows a child to learn about an appealing animal, (bird, dolphin, turtle, horse, frog or dog) while using his/her imagination to interpret the story's moral. Over the past three years the stories have won 18 awards

These innovative stories, based on sound research and principles of confidence building, prove...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Joysong Creations

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.joysongcreations.com
Email Address to Contact:  joysongcreations@msn.com
Type of Books: parenting-self help
Information about Joysong Creations: "Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom”

Written by Shirah Ranah Penn
Illustrated by Khary Olivares-Guerra

© 2004 Shirah Penn ISBN: 09752338226

“Don’t just read this little book to your children. Take time to discuss with them the thoughts on each page and you will give them a remarkable gift of wisdom and self-esteem.” — Jack Canfield, co-author “Chicken Soup for a Kid’s Soul.”

Joysong Creations, 1487 Springside Dr., Weston FL...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

KRBY Creations, LLC

Year Established:  2003
Website:  www.KRBYCreations.com
Email Address to Contact:  info@krbycreations.com
Type of Books: Children's Picture Books
Information about KRBY Creations, LLC: KRBY Creations is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality children's books to print, as evidenced by our very first title being named a Finalist in the ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards for 2004. Besides wonderful illustrations and story lines, the titles presented by KRBY Creations will also have a specific message or teaching for youngsters.

See the About Us page at www.KRBYCreations.com for more information on our mission and how we got...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Moon Pie Press

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.moonpiepress.net
Email Address to Contact:  cathy_kski@yahoo.com
Type of Books: Children's books
Information about Moon Pie Press: I opened my publishing company last December and my book, "Hurray for the Yoder Barn" was published! This is truly a great personal accomplishment. I wrote the true story about the Yoder family and their beloved barn, and how they transformed it into a theater. Much to my dismay, I could not find a publisher. They said the story was charming, but too regional. I disagree. The message of preserving our history and turning something that is no longer useful into something wonderful for the...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Prairieland Press

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.NLSharp.com
Email Address to Contact:  NLSWagner@yahoo.com
Type of Books: Children's Picture Books, Educational Writing Books for Teachers
Information about Prairieland Press: Prairieland Press began in the year 2004. It was created for the purpose of publishing and distributing books written by children's author and educational writing consultant Nancy Sharp Wagner, aka N. L. Sharp.

THE RING BEAR (initially published in 2003 by Dageforde Publishing) was selected as the 2004 winner in the children's category by Nebraska's Center for the Book.

Information about both books (including reviews) may be seen by visiting the author's website...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Red Engine Press/River Road Press

Year Established:  1997
Website:  www.redenginepress.com
Type of Books: children's, fiction, nonfiction
Information about Red Engine Press/River Road Press: We started in 1997 as River Road Press with 1 title for children, How High Can You Fly? We added several more children's titles, then branched into fiction and nonfiction titles.

In 2005, we merged with Red Engine Press and will be continuing to build a catalog of childrens and adult...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Shine On! Publications, LLC

Year Established:  2004
Website:  www.shineonpublications.com
Email Address to Contact:  stories@shineonpublications.com
Type of Books: Children's Inspirational Picture Books
Information about Shine On! Publications, LLC: Shine On! Publications, LLC was born in 2001. Our company is the product of a shared passion to help children realize that their lives have PURPOSE and that they were born with RADIANT gifts that God wants them to share with the world. We hope to create a more peaceful and compassionate world by helping children and families begin talking about what REALLY MATTERS in life.

Our first book, "Brighton, One Star's Journey To Shine(C)", is scheduled for a national launch in August of...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

The Big Brown BOX, Inc.

Year Established:  2002
Website:  www.thebigbrownbox.com
Email Address to Contact:  jblumenstock@thebigbrownbox.com
Type of Books: Children's Book Series
Information about The Big Brown BOX, Inc.: We are an independent small publishing company working at the present time promoting our own written works. We have started our company with a children's book series the "Browny Big Box Adventures". Our first book in the series "Making New Friends" is published May, 2005 and the next book in the series "A Christmas To Remember" is set for publication in September 2005. Our Mission statement reads: The Big Brown Box, Inc. is committed to providing children with a positive venue through which...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Vernissage Press

Year Established:  2001
Website:  www.vernissagepress.com
Email Address to Contact:  info@vernissagepress.com
Type of Books: Art books and children's books with Russian folkart focus
Information about Vernissage Press: Vernissage Press was founded to further the exposure of Russian folk arts and traditions. Our first book, THE ART OF THE RUSSIAN MATRYOSHKA won recognition from PMA's Ben Franklin Awards (finalist, coffeetable books) and Best Art Book from Writers Notes Magazine, in 2004. HOW THE RUSSIAN SNOW MAIDEN HELPED SANTA CLAUS has an August 2005 pub date.

The MATRYOSHKA book is the only native-English title on the topic. It is the comprehensive account of the history, fabrication,...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

Willow Bend Publishing

Year Established:  2001
Website:  www.willowbendpublishing.com
Email Address to Contact:  info@willowbendpublishing.com
Type of Books: Children's Horse Books
Information about Willow Bend Publishing: Located in the scenic hills of Western Massachusetts, Willow Bend Publishing was established in 2001 to promote a new young-adult horse series. Our books have proven quite successful and we have grown steadily ever since. In just a few short years, our books have won two prestigious national book awards. The award, "Children's Choices," is co-sponsored by The International Reading Association and The Children's Book Council. In 2004, "Frosty" was chosen for this award and in 2005, "Blackjack"...  story continued in complete listing for this publisher

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