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Overview of Process

  Let's break the self-publishing process into four stages.
  1. Planning
  2. Getting the story illustrated
  3. Getting the book printed
  4. Getting the book into the hands of readers and a return on your investment
You will need to learn about each phase before you can begin the first stage, planning.

As we explore these stages, I will try to cover the essentials of all aspects of picture book self-publishing, but I will spend the most time focusing on issues that are unique to picture books. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the complete guides to self-publishing that any self-publisher should own. These guides, which are viewed industry-wide as excellent references are:
Some of the topics that I will discuss briefly are covered more thoroughly in these books, including:
  • selling to bookstores
  • book fulfillment
  • publishers discounts and return policies
  • direct marketing and advertising

And now let's begin looking at the steps that will lead to your goal of being a published children's book author.
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