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Traveling to the Frontier

   I can never think of self-publishing without thinking of pioneers settling the American West in the 1800's. Why did they go? Because the opportunities were greater in the West. And so the pioneers accepted great dangers and hardships in order to seek those opportunities. Some perished on the way and never realized their dream, but others found the fresh start they sought.

The pioneers freely exchanged information. Early settlers sent word back to family and friends encouraging them to travel west and detailing the best ways to come and what to bring.

Today there are successful self-publishers of children's books as well as independent publishing ventures that have failed. The self-publishing community is a supportive, helpful one. Each success brings more respect to independently published books.

I began researching self-publishing to decide whether to self-publish my story, Dripping Dan, the Wild-Hair Man. I found that the most comprehensive guides to self-publishing skipped over topics that are unique to children's books, particularly picture books. I contacted other self-publishers of picture books and asked them for advice. I read about creating and marketing children's books until I had a plan. I, as Aboon Books, will be publishing Dripping Dan, the Wild-Hair Man. But while my illustrator draws, I want to document what I have learned about self-publishing picture books to help others considering this route. Could You, Should You Self-Publish a Picture Book? is the result. This advice comes from early pioneers, who freely offered helpful tips and encouragement.

The first edition of this book was published in 2004. The second edition was published in 2006. Some publisher profiles have a separate 2006 update.
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