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Preview of Could You, Should You Self-Publish a Picture Book?

Table of Contents

 Table of Contents Buy Now    
         Traveling to the Frontier  
         Why an Ebook  
         A Word of Caution  
         Becoming a Publisher  
         As a Publisher  
 Picture Book Design 
         Finding an Illustrator  
         On the Surface  
         Hardcover versus Paperback  
         Types of Bindings  
         The Parts of a Book  
         Print Preparation - Help!  
         Choosing a Printer  
 Selling Books 
         Bookstores and Distribution  
         Marketing and Promotion  
         School and Library Sales  
         School Visits  
         Online Sales  
         Your Website
 Success Stories 
         Nancy Carol Willis  
         Diane Youngblood Donlon  
         Ravay Snow-Renner  
         Josephine Nobisso  
         N. L. Sharp  
         Jerry Wermund  
 Summary and Conclusions  
 Credit and Thanks  

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