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About the name "Aboon Books"

Aboon Books is called Aboon Books for three reasons.

  1. I was shamelessly looking through the first few pages of a dictionary looking for words that would place my publishing firm close to the beginning of an alphabetical listing, which had not been used by other publishers.

  2. When I saw the word "Aboon", I immediately thought "A Boon", which is what I hoped this publishing firm would be for all involved.

  3. The word "Aboon", means above. And I thought this meaning was particularly appropriate after hearing the following story.

A boy was hiking and saw an eagle's egg roll off of a high cliff and into some bushes. The bushes broke the fall of the egg and it was unharmed. The boy looked at the cliff and knew there was no way for him to climb back up and place the egg in the nest. He came across a wild turkey's nest and placed the eagle's egg in the nest. The eagle hatched along with the turkeys. He was raised with the turkeys, which do not fly very far or very fast and only get a bit off the ground. One day two eagles soared over head. The young eagle watched them and asked a turkey, "Why can they fly so high and we barely get off the ground?" The turkey answered "because they are eagles and we are turkeys." And so the eagle, who was raised as a turkey, lived as a turkey and never soared as high as his wings could have carried him.

The moral of the story is obvious: If you want to soar high, listen to your own self and not what some turkey says.

Aboon Books is about rising above the obstacles that would otherwise keep us from our goals. Soar high!

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