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I'm sorry to say we have 'sold out' of our Free Book Offer

However, since Poster Girl is only $4.99 retail, you can still get an inexpensive copy.

Poster Girl is a chapter book about a messy, average kid, Paula, who wants to show up her goody-two-shoes rival, Cynthia. To pull off this feat, she's got to make a great science poster, the 'best' in her class.

But of course there are problems. Like the fact that Paula waited until the day before the poster was due to begin. Or the fact that any autumn leaves that she tapes on the poster are going to turn brown and crumple up. As Paula struggles with each issue, she makes exciting discoveries.

Poster Girl abounds in teaching opportunities, including lessons in both character and science.

Here's what others have said:

"I'm sure you'll want to order multiple copies for your elementary collection."
"Good message without being preachy. Good science information given in story. Characters and situation easy to relate to. Story flows smoothly. Length is perfect and will appeal to even reluctant readers. Well illustrated."
Sandra Hartman - Wedgeworth Elementary

"I found this book to be delightful and have a few students who I believe will benefit from reading it!"
Kristie Clark - Alton School Librarian

"Our students are enjoying Poster Girl a great deal. Great job! Looking forward to many more."
Jefferson Elementary Librarian

"I like that this combines science and character education. I think kids can relate to the feelings of insecurity and doubt that Paula has about someone she doesn't feel she quite measures up to. If it didn't say they were in third grade this would be a good high-interest, low-readablity book for middle schoolers."
Selina Dodson - South Dale Middle School Librarian

"This is just the way I felt as a girl. I was (am) very competitive! Very realistic fiction!"
Dunbar Intermediate School Librarian

"Really speaks to the misunderstandings and misinterpretations that take place between students!"
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