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Leaf Coloring Pages

Print and Color these Leaf Sheets

Leaf Coloring Page
To celebrate autumn and the beautiful fall foliage, I created some free leaf coloring pages. Print them, color them

or whatever suits your fancy. Cut the leaves out for room decorations and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. While we often think of coloring as a kindergarten activity, observant folks know that kids of all ages love coloring.

These oak and maple leaf color pages can be printed by clicking on the small picture which will open a PDF. NOTE: For optimal printing results, if you are using a color printer be sure to select Black & White as a printing options.


Print these Free Leaf Coloring Pages

Leaf-Coloring-Page Leaf-Coloring-Page Leaf-Coloring-Page Leaf-Coloring-Page

Teachers: We also offer a complete Classroom Package for Celebrating and Learning About Autumn Leaves

A Lesson in a Box with ALL SUPPLIES included. You get:

50 coloring sheets with 2 maple leaves on each page. There are 25 copies of two different pages. Each page contains two unique maple leaves. If you run out, make some more with a copier!
105 mini-crayons for coloring the leaves. These come as 35 individually-packaged sets of 3 stacking crayons - RED - YELLOW - ORANGE
1 Copy of Poster Girl, a new chapter book about something Paula discovers while making a science poster on autumn leaves - to read as your kids color.
"Told in the warm, authentic voice of a third grader, Poster Girl brings science together with character as it gives hope to readers whose true colors are yet to be revealed. A delightful read with strong curriculum connections for grades 2-4!"
Suzy Red, M.Ed.,

Need more ideas for autumn leaf classroom activities to do with this package?

Draw or cut a tree out of craft paper and tape to a wall or school hallway. Now cut out the colored maple leaves, tape them on the tree and bring the fall foliage inside!
Review why leaves change color in the fall. The answer is hidden in the story.
Let students color a leaf sheet each time they achieve a goal you set. Cut the leaves out and save them until there is a big enough pile to slide or jump in. (Only do this on a gym mat or other cushioned surface.)
Think of your own ideas and take a picture of your class. Send it to:
Use a subject of "Best Classroom Photo" and you could win a copy of Poster Girl for each student in your class!

leaf coloring pages and book

Here's the complete package -- only you'll get 50 uncolored coloring pages (not 2 half-colored pages)

crayons for coloring maple leaf sheets
A close-up of the stacking crayons in action. Note, children (young and old) often snap off the tips of these crayons by pressing hard (in an effort to get the richest color). While this is alarming at first, I can attest that one can easily continue coloring and achieve beautifully colored autumn leaves with what remains of the crayons.

leaf coloring page in school supply package
Here's what the coloring sheets look like when they arrive.
leaf coloring school supply package
A close-up of a crayon, as the artist steps back to admire her work.

Don't Delay! I got these crayon packages as a special close-out, so there is a very limited supply.

I will ship these Priority Mail with Tracking Number within two business days.